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When most companies start out, or re-brand in Panama City, FL, they think of branding as a simple concept. Get a logo, get some colors and a business card then boom, there’s my brand. But what exactly is a brand and why is it important? Here is what I believe a brand is, and what it can do for you.

Simply put, your brand is your story. It starts with a logo but also permeates every aspect of your business, including both verbal and non-verbal communication. The real trick is making sure branding re-enforces how you want to be perceived. When everything about your company aligns with the values you want to portray, you come off as genuine and most importantly, competent, to your customers and employees.

For instance, if you’re selling high-end jewelry then your brand probably includes high-end tastes. To send a poorly-designed postcard to clients, or  thin cheap ones, would be disingenuous to your brand and non-verbally communicate to your potential costumer that maybe you are not a very high-end store. Every decision you make in advertising should support that you are a high-end jewelry retailer and cater to high-end clients. While maintaining color schemes and having visual guidelines are important to your brand, it is the foresight and ability to maintain that image throughout that will set you apart and endear yourself to customers.

The thing about great branding is that it’s effective because it’s subtle. A great brand will let customers come to the conclusion that you are what you say you are on there own. That is when a true emotional connection can happen between a business and it’s customers.