Let’s be honest, when you market your business, there are a ton of options. The current trend is social media and online presence, which is great but it does have its drawbacks. Another very effective way is purchasing billboards, TV and radio, which is great but can be expensive. However, have you considered direct mail postcards? Here are three reasons you should.

  • Postcards are proactive (go get your leads, don’t wait for them to come to you)
  • According to the American Marketing Association, prospects prefer postcards by more than 3000%
  • It has a higher ROI, giving businesses a 13 to 1 return, according to DMA.
  • It’s more personal, and in a world of online ad bombardment, comes off as more formal and classy.

So consider it an option, I can design and send a direct-mail postcard for you at a very reasonable price and minimal hassle! Also, we can target your specific prospects in Huntsville so you don’t waste your advertising dollars.

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