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Graphic Designer’s are an invaluable tool for marketing, but they can also be risky one. Hire the right one and watch your your business soar. Hire the wrong one and watch you reputation stagnate. Hiring graphic design services is an investment. For larger companies the investment is usually an in-house graphic designer, or even department, continually working towards the company’s marketing goals. However, small businesses usually outsource those needs to either an agency or an individual freelance graphic designer.

Here’s why hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer is the right choice for your Huntsville business!

They’re cost-effective, without being less-effective

We all know running an effective business includes keeping costs in check. Often you have to choose between high-quality and cost-effective. This is the one time you don’t have to choose. Freelancer designers are individual contractors that often do not have overhead like office space, staffing, sales people, etc. Bottom line, the overall operating expense of one person is far less than an agency, but the design work is coming from the same talent that would be employed at any agency. At the end of the day you get the same work and better rates.

More effective communication

When you hire an agency, you usually deal with a salesman, who then relays your needs to the designer and crosses their fingers. Hiring a freelancer lets you skip the cost and hassle of the middle man. Instead talk directly to your designer so the heart and soul of your message does not get distorted.

Get more personal attention

At an agency, you’re immediately in competition for attention. Agencies have many clients and, as you would expect, they tend to favor the larger clients, giving more attention and care to their projects. When you hire a freelance designer, not only do you save money, you get more attention. No decent freelancer will accept a projects that they can’t handle assuring that you will get the personal attention you deserve.

It’s like having an employee that you only pay when you need

Working with a freelancer is like working with a remote employee, without having to pay for things like idle time, benefits, retirement, overhead, etc. You also deal with them directly, like you would an employee.

It will get you a higher quality of work

Freelance graphic designer’s are running a business that is built by repeat work and business referrals from satisfied clients. Meaning they are highly motivated to provide the best quality work possible every time.