Why You Should Hire A Freelance Designer

Here’s why hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer is the right choice for your Huntsville business!

Sending Postcards Direct Mail

Let's be honest, when you market your business, there are a ton of options. The current trend is social media and online presence, which is great but it does have its drawbacks. Another very effective way is purchasing billboards, TV and radio, which is great but can...

So..What Do Colors Mean?

As a graphic designer in Panama City, FL, I get asked this a lot. We all know colors are important for a variety of reasons, one of the most important in regards to marketing is the emotional reaction they invoke when viewed. Using the correct colors can help create...

What Is Branding Anyways?

When most companies start out, or re-brand in Panama City, FL, they think of branding as a simple concept. Get a logo, get some colors and a business card then boom, there's my brand. But what exactly is a brand and why is it important? Here is what I believe a...

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